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Chongqing in China

Chongqing is a mega city in China, but differs very much from other cities. If you have already visited some other cities in China you will see that Chongqing is not alike those. The city’s biggest differences are the mountains which stretch all through and around the town. That is also the reason why it is often referred as the Mountain City. There are two rivers, Jialing and Yangtze, which are directly flowing through the core of the town, leaving a peninsula in the centre. The Chongqing people speak a special dialect, the Chongqing Hua, and like to eat spicy food, as the famous hot pot 火锅.

The mountains have ever since greatly influenced the lives of the people. You can hardly find two-wheelers in the city, which is very odd for the Chinese way of live. However, the hills also offer a special view from the east end of the town. Special viewing points were erected outside the city to offer a glance of the skyline, especially by night.
In the past there were no bridges stretching over the rivers, so instead cable ways were used to cross the rivers. Nowadays you can find more than a dozen of bridges, but only one cable way is left. It is mostly a tourist attraction now.

The first settlement points in Chongqing were on the peninsula in the centre of Chongqing. The rivers offered a natural protection in the past. Today the centre is full of modern buildings which form an impressive skyline. Only few remarks of the past are left, as a piece of the old city wall, the temple Luohan, the Hongyadong ancient building and Dalitang. If you want to discover more about ancient Chongqing you may visit the Three Gorges Museum near Dalitang. It also shows other ancient artifacts of Chongqing and China, as well as of the Three Gorges Dam.

Chongqing offers a growing number of modern new and futuristic buildings, as for example the new and architecturally interesting museum in the centre of Jiefangbei, the theater opposite of Yuzhong in Jiangbei or the impressive Skyline which grows every year by another higher and individually shaped building.

Special in Chongqing is the green touch. There are many parks, green areas and most of the streets are planted with trees, bushes or green grass. It is not only encouraged by the government, but the people themselves like to have a green corner on the balconies or the rooftops.

Additionally the Chongqing Zoo offers Pandas, as well as many other animals. Not far away from there is the Olympic Sport Centre, where one can enjoy sport and leisure time.

The city also offers a bustling entertainment, shopping and nightlife. There are plenty of new Shopping malls which offer not only shopping possibilities with all kind of international and national brands, but also entertainment and a vast range of restaurants. Whoever is seeking some nightlife can find it in the centre of the town. There are many discos, pubs, bars and more.

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