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Excursion to Chengdu

(*) = Certain information can only be found in our guide book.

Chengdu is (*) Chongqing was part of Sichuan. Chengdu is completely (*), there are no mountains and no major rivers. The structures of the streets are unlike Chongqing often arranged parallel or set at right angles. An expressway also moves around the entire city. The old city in the center is still relatively well recognizable and worth a visit. Chengdu invites visitors especially with its panda breeding base, the many temples, the old town and delicious food (which, however, in many areas is similar to Chongqing). Chengdu is located about 300 kilometers west of Chongqing, but offers a very different atmosphere.

Our suggestion: Visit the Panda (*). This is a bit outside, but it offers a very nice park where you can marvel at small, young pandas, as well as grown up pandas. The temples in the city center and the old town are also worth a visit.

Time: The best time to visit is from (*).

Getting there: By train you can reach Chengdu from Chongqing within (*). By car it takes about (*).

Tip: Panda bears in the panda (*).

Weather: Chengdu has about the same climate as Chongqing. But it is often a few degrees warmer and friendlier.

Cost: The train ride from Chongqing in the first class will cost (*).

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