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Chongqing in the year 2004

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Welcome to Chongqing. The year is 2004. From the airport we take the metro to go to the centre. STOP! There is no metro line. OK , we need to take a taxi. The price is only 5 yuan for the first 3 miles – WOW, that is cheap. Today, the price is 10 yuan. Which bridge may we take to cross the river to the centre? STOP! There is only one. If there is only one we probably get stuck in traffic jams. STOP! There are hardly any cars on the road. How pleasant. Located in downtown are so many tall buildings. STOP! The WTC is the highest and there are only few others, all very small. What honest? YES!

I wonder if I should go first in the great theater in Jiangbei or shopping in one of the many shopping malls over there. STOP! The whole north side of the town does not exist. Then I go just to Shiyoulou . STOP! There you will find only a small street with a few shops for car accessories. Well, how about Nanan? STOP! There are no hotels or shops. However, there is a Metro supermarket. On the promenade are also only some two-story restaurants. There you can also eat something.

OK. I take the Metro to the zoo to see the panda. STOP! There is no metro in Chongqing! Well, then I take just a taxi. OK. The panda in the zoo was great. Then I have a look (*)


That was Chongqing 10 years ago.

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