Study Chinese in Chongqing

Ciqikou - Old City in Chongqing

(*) = Certain information can only be found in our guide book.

Ciqikou is the (*) city of Chongqing. It shows "life" as it once was. There are still the old houses and temples. There are many street vendors that offer traditional and modern souvenirs. Even street artists have made ​​their homes there. In addition, there are many food stalls with a variety of dishes and tea houses (now also cafes). Ciqikou is located on the (*) ... .

Our suggestion: When visiting you should (*). Also try the Chinese snacks and tea.

Time: Up to (*) shops are open.

Note: Not suitable for (*).

Tip: Visit the small (*) (as described). If you want to learn more about the (*).

Getting there: Metro Line (*) has a station with the (*) name as the town "(*)". From there you have to walk (*). After a (*) you can already see the first (*). After another (*) there is an entrance gate on the (*).

Weather: Not suitable during (*).

Admission: (*). The temple cost a few Yuan.

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