Study Chinese in Chongqing

KTV - Karaoke in Chongqing

(*) = Certain information can only be found in our guide book.

The Chinese like to celebrate together with friends, colleagues or family in KTV. Here you can sing along songs. In the room there is a sofa, TV, microphone and a small computer to select the songs. There is drinking and singing together. There are even little snacks. Western songs are not as well represented. The cost of the visit depends on the KTV (there are even different brands), room size (there are also rooms with private toilet and shower) and the consumption of beverages and snacks. Payment will be made in each case in advance.

Especially at night the KTVs are easy to recognize. This lights flash in bright rainbow colors.

KTVs are found to be distributed (*) KTVs in the house.

Note: It can be quite noisy. In addition, most Chinese people smoke, that is extremely uncomfortable in those small rooms.

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