Study Chinese in Chongqing

Language Course in Chongqing

We are a tour operator offering different language courses (general, business, exam preparation) and different accommodations (hotels, apartments, host families) in Chongqing.

The courses: You can select a group or individual course.

Group lessons: In the group you will learn along with other students every day from Monday to Friday Chinese. The lessons are divided into 4 lessons per day.

Individual lessons: If you want to achieve particularly rapid progress, then individual classes are particularly suitable. You can choose between 2 and 40 lessons per week. The lessons take place in a classroom of the school or your accommodation. Courses are prepared to your individual ideas and needs.

Assessment of your skills: If you already have some knowledge in Chinese you can sit for an assessment test.

Accommodation: Choose from an apartment, a host family, residence, hotel or luxury apartment.

Activities: Our school staff organizes various free events for the students. You can decide for yourself whether you want to attend or not. In addition, there are various leisure programs for Kongfu, kalligraphy, or similar, where you can participate for a fee.

Visa: We prepare all the documents for you so that you can apply for the visa without any problems.

Flight: You can book the flight with us.

Course material: You will receive all the course material from us. Individual lessons are prepared for your needs.

Contact us: info@idotravelto.com

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