Study Chinese in Chongqing

Local cuisine in Chongqing

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The regional cuisine in Chongqing's just like the Sichuan very hot.

Tip: If you want to draw attention of a waitress in a restaurants, you should shout loudly: Meinv 美女 (female only), 小姐 Xiaojie (female only) or fuwuyuan 服务员. Or have look on how other Chinese are doing it.

Typical dishes

Chongqing is known for its hot pot (hot pot, or 火锅). There are special restaurants which offer special tables where the pot can be admitted. The cooking is often done by gas. You can usually specify the sharpness in advance. You can also order different kinds of vegetables & meats. As soon as the broth is cooking in the pot, you can throw the food inside. One should, however, make sure that the food is well cooked before eaten.

In the malls there are also restaurants offering smaller pots on electric plates. Everything here is more upscale.

Pork in a sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken with green pepper

Boiled beef in chili soup with green salad.

Combination of tofu and minced meat (pork or beef) in a spicy Chili and soy sauce.

Pork ribs with sweet potatoes

Pork with Vegetables

Roasted pig kidney

醋溜 黄瓜 (cu liu huang gua)
Cold dish of cucumber with Vinegar, soy sauce, chili sauce and garlic. The taste is sour and spicy.

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