Study Chinese in Chongqing

Local Language in Chongqing

(*) = Certain information can only be found in our guide book.

In Chongqing the people speak the Chongqing dialect (Chongqing hua ,重庆 话) . This is also Mandarin. The language differs largely only in the pronunciation, not the writing. Many Chinese people from the lower classes usually only speak this dialect. For foreigners who have learned Mandarin it is somewhat difficult to understand the dialect. Many words are very different from Mandarin.

Tip: An icebreaker is the sazema. In Mandarin that means怎么了. In Chongqing, it is used frequently in many different situations.

Electronic aids: There are now countless software applications, online dictionaries and other gadgets that provide you with a fast and accurate translation. Many of them need internet, but there are also offline applications.

These phrases you need most often:

Please drive me ... 请 开车送 我 去...
I want to go to ... 我 想去...哪里
(On the pages in this booklet you will find the Chinese names of the sights and other places.)

How much does it cost? 这个 多少 钱?

To call a waitress: Meinv美女(female only),小姐Xiaojie (female only) or fuwuyuan服务员. Or have a look at how the oher Chinese do it.

I would like to order 我 想 点
(see page 43 for meals)

I want to ... drink (*) ...

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