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Taxis in Chongqing

(*) = Certain information can only be found in our guide book.

There are about 12,000 taxis in Chongqing. In most places you can always find one. There are some places where not as often and as many taxis are on the road. These are mainly the places where there are not many passengers. For example, just outside the city.

Taking a Taxi

You can see if a taxi is available or not, if the (*), which means: free car.

There are some times during the day, especially during (*), that it is difficult to find a taxi.

It is also possible that you share a taxi with unknown passengers.


The fare is currently (*) for the first (*), about (*) for each additional. When standing for more than (*) in a traffic jam it will cost you also (*).

Sometimes the taxi driver do not stop (*).

It is sometimes difficult to catch a taxi especially if several (*).

Sometimes the driver wants to negotiate a (*).

Black cabs

Black cabs are called all the taxis which are (*) ... . Refrain from using those.

Tip: If the cab already has passengers you can still (*) – it will not be splitted. People often share the ride during (*).

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