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Re: Language Schools in Malta
Posted by: M10 (IP Logged)
Date: May 23, 2013 04:34PM

Hi Jenny,
Most of the language schools in Malta are located in St.Julianīs and Sliema. I think there isnīt a language school which is only specialised on tests, but almost all offer different testing services. It really depends if your friend prefers to attend a TOEFL test, a Cambridge test or another test. But not all are offering theTOEFL test. In the north there is Alpha school of English (St. Paul), but I have never been there so actually I donīt know if the school is good or not. But in St.Paul during summer are also a few distractions :) I really recommend the area around St.Julians if your friend doesnīt want so much trouble she could visit a school in Sliema itīs quieter but not that far away. In Sliema she will have everything close by, Bars, Supermarkets, the sea and from Sliema you can reach the whole island by bus. There are also language schools in the capital Valletta, during the night is Valletta pretty quiet and she could have a good sleep. The type of accommodation is also really important because if sheīs going to stay in an Apartment with a lot of other guys itīs going to be difficult to focus on the English course. I would recommend to stay in a Host Family, itīs a little more expensive but if she really wants to study also after her classes itīs the best way to communicate with locals. I hope this answer is helpful for you and your friend. Cheers M10

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