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Valletta: Archaeology and Theory of Temple Construction – Knights’ Orders – History of Art

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Valletta is the most strongly fortified city in the world and became an UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1980.

The city was founded in 1566 as a result of the great siege of 1565. It is the first European city ever to be completely designed and constructed according to a plan. Here begins our journey into Maltas history, which promises some very interesting discoveries.

National Museum of Archaeology

This museum is the ideal starting point to experience Malta’s history. You will learn about the various epochs and their related archaeological findings. Most epochs were assigned to various temples, such as the Hagar Qim period, and represent individual characteristics in the functionality and construction of temple parts, as well as the cultural life in the Mediterranean region at that time.

Duration approximately 30 – 60 minutes

St. Johns Co-Cathedral

The cathedral represents the magnificent time of the Grand Masters and knights, and served as a convent church of the St John’s Order. It consists of various chapels, each of which has been assigned to a different order, such as the chapel of the Teutonic Knights. The entire interior was designed by the baroque artist Matthia Preti, who worked in Malta for many years. An entire section of the National Museum of Fine Arts has been dedicated to his work.

Duration approximately 30 minutes

Palace Armoury and State Rooms

The parliament of the Republic of Malta and the prime minister now reside in this palace, built in the early baroque style. For that reason, visitors are not allowed inside the building during official occasions. The armoury, however, which contains an extensive collection of bladed weapons and firearms, as well as knights’ armour, can be visited during such official occasions. To this day, the State Rooms, showing visitors the magnificent design of the era of the Grand Master, are used to hold state receptions.

Duration approximately 60 minutes

National Museum of Fine Arts

This museum displays an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, pictures and sacred objects, ranging from the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, to the modern art of the 20th century. A strong focus is placed on the Baroque period. The museum owns the world’s largest collection of Matthia Preti’s paintings. Even though it is rather small for a national museum, it offers visitors an interesting overview of the art of the Mediterranean region, particularly that of Malta and Valletta. You will find only a few pieces of international importance, but the museum in nonetheless worth a visit.

Duration approximately 60 – 120 minutes

Malta Experience ShowMalta Experience Show

In this multimedia show, which is viewed on a cinema-sized screen, you are given a rough overview of the island’s history, starting with its creation and first inhabitants, then their development into the era of the knights, and ending with World War II and its consequences. Thanks to the headset system, the show is available in various languages such as English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

Duration approximately 60 minutes.

Stefan M.

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