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Renting a car

In Malta, it’s worth renting a car for a few days to discover the island, especially when travelling in a small group. The price per day is slightly less than five people paying for public transport, and it is more comfortable and timesaving.


The prices vary greatly. For a small car such as a Peugeot 206 or Kia or a Fiat, you’ll pay between 14 Euros (the lowest price we’ve ever seen) and 49 Euros per day. Cars such as Mercedes, BMW, convertibles and vans are available too, of course, but they are in a higher price range.

Even though the prices are set, you may still try to bargain over the price. If that doesn’t work, simply go to another car rental company! The general rule is: The longer you rent a car, the cheaper it becomes.


You can only rent a car if you are 21 years and older. Furthermore, young people between 21 and 25 years have to pay an addition insurance surcharge. Normally, it costs between 7 and 15 Euros per day, plus tax.

In case of an accident, your excess will be roughly 500 Euros (which also varies). Some car rentals require a cash deposit of 500 Euros and others require your credit card details as security. We recommend the latter option: if you leave a deposit of 500 Euros in cash, you may never get the money back, as some car rental companies find ridiculous reasons to keep the money.

It is also important to check the car thoroughly before you accept it! Sometimes the car has small damages, such as a scratch in the door, and if the rental company is not aware of it, you might have to pay for any damage afterwards.

In Malta, you’ll drive on the left side of the road, as the island used to be a colony of the British Empire.

The road can be narrow - and we mean very narrow. Sometimes, larger cars such as a Jeep won’t even fit through. Better be careful here!

The Maltese and Cars

When the Maltese drive a car, they don’t necessarily stick to the rules. They’ll happily drive through a red light, speed limits dont seem to apply to them and as a pedestrian you’ll live a rather dangerous life on the streets! Many cars already have some damage on the car body.

Of course, this isnt true for everyone, but it applies to the majority.

Note: We made this statement based on our own experience, and that of others. What might seem crazy for us is perfectly normal for others in Malta, as they grew up that way! The Maltese might describe other drivers, for example Germans, as meticulous. But, “to each his own” as they say.

Fuel Station in MaltaFuel

A litre of petrol costs about 1.52 Euros and Diesel about 1.41 Euros per litre. Most garages are open 24/7. The usual business hours are as follows (this may vary):


With petrol attendant

No petrol attendant

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

5 pm to 8 am


8 am to 12 pm

12 pm to 8 am



24 hours

A petrol attendant will fill your car with fuel. No petrol attendant means that you’ll need to do it yourself and pay at a machine.

S. Wagner

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