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Traditional products / souvenirs

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The main traditional products include glassware, gold and silver, Maltese lace, door knockers, Maltese limestone and tobacco pipes, as well as clayware.


In the two craft villages of TaQali (Malta) and TaDbiegi (Gozo), you can watch the craftsmen at work. The production of glassware is fairly new in Malta, even though the craft existed on the island during the Phoenician era. The handmade products are completely blown by mouth and, once made, display their own style in bright Mediterranean colours. The difficult process starts with a coloured glass pearl, which can be blown into any one of a variety of different shapes. Transparent glass is then placed around the coloured glass and the shape becomes defined. With this technique, the craftsmen create beautiful items with an interplay of colours, items such as Picasso vases, bowls, statues, flacons and individual pearls.

Gold and Silver

Gold, diamantes and other precious stones stand for beauty and are a sign of commitment, love and friendship. A large variety of 9ct and 18ct jewellery is manufactured in Malta. The traditional golden handmade Maltese cross comes in different shapes and designs and is very popular. Often, small diamantes are worked into the cross. No matter how old you are, there is a perfect cross for you. But you can also buy other jewellery, such as earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets, either as a souvenir for yourself or as a gift for others. The authenticity of all jewellery items is verified by the government.

Maltese LaceMaltese Lace

Manufacturing lace has been a trade in Malta since the 17th century. Maltese lace is directly related to Genoese lace, but developed its own features, such as the integration of the eight-pointed Maltese cross. Another typical characteristic of lace from Malta and Gozo is the creamy, honey-coloured Spanish silk, from which most of the lace is made. The last recognisable characteristic is the leaves, known as “wheatears” or “oats”. They are plump and round in shape, compared to the long and narrow Bedfordshire lace leaves. The traditional cup coasters from Malta and Gozo have all those features, which makes them so unique.

Door KnockersDoor Knockers

The handmade Maltese brass door knockers are very popular, but they are also rather heavy! Traditional knockers can still be seen on the doors of the houses in Mdina, the former capital of Malta.

Maltese Limestone and Tobacco Pipes

Another quite heavy gift is the ashtrays and the paperweights, both of which are cut out of Maltese stone. Wooden tobacco pipes made of the local heather and the local ceramic ware in country-style are also popular presents.


Maltese clayware is one of the oldest products of Malta. Many pieces that have been dug out are truly beautiful art pieces, such as the “Sleeping Lady”, which was found close to the Hypogeum (a very old, subterranean cave in Paola). Nowadays, clay is used to make rather useful or peculiar items, such as household appliances, souvenirs, candleholders, pendants, decorative tiles, lamps, flowerpots and many others. Maltese artists work very diligently, and paint the clayware in many different colours. Items, such as mugs, pots and vases, can be commissioned by customers.

Note: Most houses in Malta have a name rather than a number. The signs for the house names, as well as the street names, are custom-made from clay, then painted.

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