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Diving in Malta

The Maltese islands are the ideal destination for divers, thanks to good visibility (even at 50 m, the clear water allows 30 m visibility), comfortable temperatures (the water never falls below 13 °C, even in winter), the large number of diving spots and the short flight time. Maltese waters have barely any currents, which makes diving even easier. The best time for divers to visit is between April and September.

Diving Schools

The personnel in the schools are well trained and many diving instructors there speak languages other than English and Maltese. So far, there are about 30 diving schools in Malta, offering extensive programmes for beginners (first contact), advanced (deeper dives) and pros (complex cave systems). Some diving schools are open throughout the year. You can start your dives either from a boat or from the beach. In the latter case, small buses or jeeps will take you to the right spot. Every year, the diving schools’ equipment is tested by the health department. In addition, diving organisations regularly check the quality standards. Training is mostly based on the international standards of PADI or CMAS.

"Malta’s underwater world is one of the best the Mediterranean Sea has to offer."

With the abundance of fish (groupers, octopuses, barracudas, sea horses, corals, spiny star fish, bristle worms, sea squirts, spirographs, Mediterranean rainbow wrasses, painted combers, fields of seaweed, steep faces, morays, sea slugs, anemones, scorpion fish, tuna, bearded fireworms, sponges and urchins), numerous caves and tunnels, as well as several shipwrecks, the three islands have quite a bit on offer.

Noteworthy wrecks

  • In the Marsamxett Harbour, there are two wrecks from World War II, the Carolita and the HMS Maori. You can dive to them both from the beach.
  • Top highlight: MS Rozi - it lies in the ferry harbour of Gozo at a depth of 35 metres.
  • An oil tanker was sunk near the Blue Lagoon in 1998.

What you should know:

Medical care for divers: In St. Lukes Hospital in Pieta, two decompression chambers are available 24/7. A one-man mobile chamber can be brought by helicopter to an emergency location.

Diving School in Malta

With over 20 years professional experience, we guarantee to make your diving holiday in Malta an exceptional one. The Octopus Garden Diving Centre is the leading German dive centre and diving school on the island, making it the best choice to soak up the Maltese diving scene with. More ...

Diving School in Gozo

Since the times of Jaques Yves Cousteau and Hans Hass, the Mediterranean Sea mediates fascination to divers. In some parts  you might have the impression of bio-diversity depletaion, but there are some regions where it still shows its natural beauty and wealth in a variety of species. More ...

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Nautic Team Gozo
Contact person: Heike
Address: Triq Il Vulcan
MFN 1211,
Telephone: (+356) 2155 8507
Email: nautic@go.net.mt
Web: http://www.nauticteam.com

Octopus Garden Dive Centre
Contact person: Udo
Address: Gillieru Harbour Hotel
Church Square
St. Paul‘Bay, SPB 01- Malta
Telephone: (+356) 21 57 87 25
Email: info@octopus-garden.com
Web: www.octopus-garden.com

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