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Golf in Malta

Golfers, too, will be happy in Malta, as they have an 18-hole golf course. The Royal Malta Golf Club is located in the town of Marsa (on the way to the airport), and is surrounded by a horseracing course. Right next to the course is the Marsa Sport Club, containing a small pro shop, where you can buy balls, gloves, tees and other equipment. There you can also enquire about your tee time. And if you leave your golf clubs at home, don’t worry – you can still play, as the pro shop also hires out clubs, bags and trolleys.

If want to bring your own golf clubs to Malta, we recommend that you register them with the airline in advance. Golf clubs are actually classed as weapons and cannot be taken into the airplane’s cabin; they must be packed in a suitcase and transported in the luggage section. Make sure you pack them well, so they don’t scratch anything!

Golf in MaltaIf you are a “long hitter”, don’t bother bringing your driver along. The golf course is relatively small, and right behind it is the approach road. The course only has a few bunkers, but plenty of new plants and many water hazards. This is slightly unusual, as Malta has barely any ground water. Watch out at holes 12, 13, 15 and 16, as they intersect - but there is a course rule that compensates for that, when followed. The fairways, roughs and greens are all in an impeccable condition and are regularly tended to, although the beautiful green grass becomes slightly brown in summer.

Golfing MaltaYou might encounter some difficulties, as the course rules on the scorecard are quite complex. But should you have any problems, feel free to ask others.

You can play golf all year round, but we highly recommend playing in autumn, winter or spring. In summer, it gets very hot, and the course doesn’t have much shade. However, should you dare to play in summer, you can cool down and relax after the game at the sport club’s large swimming pool. The golf club also owns a small, but very good restaurant, which offers a selection of light meals. The terraced bar is safe from flying golf balls, thanks to a net.

The green fee for the golf course is 35 Euros.

Enjoy the game!

Marsa Sports ClubHistory of the golf course

The golf club was founded in 1888 by Sir Henry Torrens, a British politician. He also introduced golf to Ireland and South Africa.

Only a little information remains from that time; most of that knowledge was lost when the British withdrew from Malta. But detailed articles about the Royal Malta Golf Club were found in magazines such as the Golfing Annual of 1890/91, as well as copies of Golf Illustrated, dated 14 June 1901, 2 October 1903 and 2 September 1904.

The very first golf course was founded close to Floriana. It could barely be called a golf course at the time, however, as the so-called fairway was just 20 feet long.

Golfing was very popular among the British, though, and this provisional golf course was good enough and the team was happy.

Some time later, some of the Scottish service personnel started playing golf near Mosta, but after only one game, the course was then transferred to Marsa, where it was set up in the middle of the horseracing course. At first, the course only had nine holes, but shortly afterwards a further nine holes were added.

In 1988, plans were made to extend and beautify the club, in honour of its 100th anniversary, with the projected completion date set somewhere around 1992 or 1993. The first part of the project started in 1988 and soon afterwards was seen as a great success.

However, a big setback occurred in the same year, when 70 % of the course was destroyed by flooding. The tournament that was meant to be held that year didnt take place, of course.

After this setback, construction was taken up again in May of 1989, and the entire course was eventually renewed.

Today, the course has a reasonable quality and size, with 50 sand bunkers, designed by David Llewellyn.

S. Wagner

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Contact directory: Marsa Sports Club

Marsa Sports & Country Club
Address: Triq Aldo Moro
Telephone: (+356) 21 233 851
Fax: (+356) 21 231 809
Web: www.marsasportsclub.com

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