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Taxis in Malta at the Airport

Many different taxi companies offer their services in Malta. Normally, taxis are white and can be easily recognised. The prices of the different operators vary only slightly, but you can always try to bargain over the fare. More modern taxi operators, such as Ecabs, won’t bargain, as they use meters. Black taxis can usually be called to a certain address and are often cheaper than white taxis, which pick up passengers from anywhere on the street. At the airport, you will find a list with prices to the various towns, so you’ll know the fares before getting into a taxi. For instance, a ride from the airport to Sliema will cost between twelve and fifteen Euros.

In towns like Sliema, Valletta and Paceville (in front of Wembley’s), you can easily find waiting taxis, but for other places it’s best to have the number of a taxi company with you.

Since the Maltese rarely use taxis; they are mainly used by tourists to get around the island and are also employed by the hotels for their guests.

Olivia G.

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