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Bugibba & Qwara

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Bay Square in Bugibba on Malta

The town of Bugibba is situated in the northeast of Malta between St Pauls Bay and Qawra. Because these three towns have merged into each other over the years, the exact borderlines between them are no longer discernible.

Bugibba lies in St Pauls Bay, directly by the sea. As the coast is very rugged and rocky, there are only a few beaches where you can go swimming, and even these are very small. In some spots, you will find small ladders which will help you into the sea. Alternatively, you can jump into the water from the rocks, but you’ll need to be careful, as it is very difficult to judge the depth of the water with the naked eye.

Costline of BugibbaAlong the coast, you will find many restaurants and small bars, as well as traders selling snacks, sweets and Maltese delicacies. In the centre of town lies Bay Square, around which even more bars and restaurants have been established. Although Bay Square forms the centre of Bugibba’s buzzing life during the day, you will find other restaurants and bars in other parts of the town, too.

Compared to Paceville (the island’s entertainment centre), Bugibba’s nightlife is rather tranquil, as there are only a few clubs.

Small harbour in BugibbaAccess to the capital and surrounding cities, all of which are about a 30-minute drive away, is very good, as the main road along the coast is in excellent condition. During the day the bus lines are reliable, but at night they are quite irregular – and sometimes they don’t run at all.

In the south is the town’s rubbish dump. It is located on the other side of the bay, and from a distance, looks like a perfectly normal small hill. But were you to approach, you’d see the massive heaps of rubbish dumped there by the inhabitants - not a very nice view! Not only that, but if the wind is blowing strongly from that direction, you will also smell the stench.

S. Wagner

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