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Mellieha is one of the most northern villages of the island of Malta, and has 7,549 inhabitants (census 2005). In Mellieha, it is significantly more tranquil and cosier than along Malta’s east coast.

The town lies directly on the way to the ferry harbour leading to Gozo. Mellieha is well known for Mellieha Bay, Malta’s largest sand beach. Both tourists and locals come here in summer and the beach can quickly get overcrowded. At Mellieha Bay, there are several small food stalls, a sailing school and some restaurants with a view onto the bay.

In autumn, the bay is very windy and many waves crash onto its shores - ideal conditions for kite surfers.

Directly behind Mellieha Bay is a Danish holiday resort consisting of bungalows. The fictional village of Sweethaven, the film set for the 1980 movie ‚Popeye’, is located near Anchor Bay.

The village of Mellieha was partly built on a small hill. From the church, you have a beautiful view over Malta’s north, Mellieha Bay, and even Gozo and Comino. Close to the church are the air raid shelters from World War II. A staircase leads down to the main road. On the other side is a gate, behind which further staircases lead down to a grotto.

In the centre of Mellieha, directly along the main road, are most of the village’s shops, restaurants, shops, souvenir shops, cafés including pastizzi cafés, banks, and bus stops, as well as the post office. The 4-star Maritime Antonine Hotel is also situated here. Down a side road is the Pergola Hotel (4 stars).

Also in Mellieha is the Santa Maria Estate, a villa estate with luxurious houses, of which almost every one has its own swimming pool. Many Maltese rent out their luxurious villas to tourists!

S. Wagner

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