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Dwejra Bay, Azure Window, Blue Hole and Inland Sea

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Azure Window on Gozo

The rotund bay behind the Fungus Rock, Dwejra Bay, is located to the west of Gozo (the sister island of Malta). The Fungus Rock soars opposite the bay, high up in the air. Next to it is the Azure Window, a naturally-formed passage in the sea (like a window) and it is one of the most beautiful attractions of the island. Fairly close is a passage/cave, which leads inland through the cliffs and is filled with water. As a consequence, a natural inland salt-water lake (Dwejra Inland Sea) has formed that is separated from the sea by the cliffs and hills - only that passage connects it to the sea. The other maritime lake, Blue Hole, is also located there. It is surrounded by rocks, but under the surface it is connected to the sea.

Inland SeaIt is possible to swim in the Dwejra Inland Sea, the Azure Window (Blue Hole) and Dwejra Bay. Unfortunately, there are no sand beaches. The Inland Sea (maritime lake) leads to the open sea and is fairly shallow, but it also has no beach – just rocks. There are small shops, and guided boat tours are available. The tour takes you from the cave, through the Azure Window, and into the open sea.

TIP: Boat trip from the Inland Sea to the Azure Window!

Inland SeaThe Azure Window and the Blue Hole are good places for snorkelling – the entrance is slightly difficult as it very rocky, and there is a bit of an altitude drop (You will have to climb a little bit.).

Dwejra Bay lies further south. Here, too, there are no sand beaches but rocks. A very small and narrow staircase, however, leads down to the bay. A pier leads into the deep sea.

Note: The movie Vicky the Viking was partly shot here.

Roughly 1 – 2 kilometres away is the village of San Lawrenz. A bus line runs directly between Victoria (capital of Gozo) and the Dwejra Bay, but the best way to explore Gozo is to rent a car – the bus system is somewhat slow.

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