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Xlendi Bay

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Xlendi Bay

Xlendi is situated to the southwest of Gozo (neighbouring island of Malta) and is a typical tourist location. You will find many holiday homes and other holiday accommodation here. The bay is surrounded by steep cliffs, which, on one side, have been built on (private homes, holiday accommodation, etc.). On the other side, you can master the slopes by using a small walkway.

Xlendi offers a very small beach – it’s ok for swimming, but not worth a day trip. A better place for that is Ramla Bay. However, many restaurants and small shops have opened around the bay.

Two roads lead into the village; one comes from Victoria (also known as Rabat, the capital of Gozo) and the other one comes from Munxar, a small village between Victoria, Xlendi and Sannat (in the south of Gozo).

Close to Xlendi is one of the island’s largest clubs (>> Nightlife in Gozo).

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