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Educational Institutions

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In this section you will find a list and description of educational institutions in Malta and Gozo. In general for foreign students, that includes adults, teenagers, language students, children, as well as tertiary education and others. For higher education we have listed MCAST (University of Fine Arts, Science and Technology), Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), University of Malta (UoM), Verdala International School (VIS), a list of Kindergartens, a list of language schools and others.

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Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS)

The Institute of Tourism Studies was founded in 1987. It focuses mainly on high-standard training for personnel in the tourism sector. The scho... more

Language schools in Malta

A total of 56 language schools exist on the island of Malta. Travels to Malta for the purpose of language study have increased greatly over the p... more

MCAST – University of Fine Arts, Science and Technology

MCAST is a highly respected organisation in Malta, which offers various study courses in nine institutes all over Malta and Gozo. Since 2002, the... more

University of Malta

The University of Malta is one of the oldest universities in Europe. In 1592, the Collegium Millitense was founded by Bishop G... more

Verdala International School (VIS)

The school, founded in 1976, is located in a former fortress in Pembroke, which was erected by the British in 1880 and offers courses for eleme... more

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