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University of Malta

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University of Malta

The University of Malta is one of the oldest universities in Europe. In 1592, the Collegium Millitense was founded by Bishop Garagallo. Originally, the university was administered by the Jesuits. After their expulsion from Malta in 1768, however, the university was nationalised.

All lectures take place in English.

Why Malta?

At present, more than 600 students from abroad study on the small Mediterranean island. Both the mild climate and the university’s good reputation contribute to the large number of foreign students.

Study system

There is only one university on the Maltese islands, but it offers a wide range of study courses. The university is a member of the “Association of Commonwealth Universities”,  meaning the study system is very similar to that of Britain. The studies are split into two programmes: undergraduate and postgraduate. After two successful years in the undergraduate programme, you receive the diploma and after three years the Bachelor degree. Thereafter, you can continue with the postgraduate programme and do your Master’s degree.

Study fees

Citizens from EU-countries do not pay any study fees.

Recognition of study performances

In order to find out whether the degree received in Malta is recognised in your home country, you need to contact your nearest administration office responsible for such matters.
This is easier for participants of exchange programmes, such as Erasmus or Socrates, as these programmes have already settled the recognition of degrees in advance.

Address of the Universtiy of Malta:
University of Malta
Msida MSD 06

S. Wagner

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