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German Food in Malta

In this section you can find information on the living and working conditions, as well as others, in Malta and Gozo.

Malta is quite international, all kinds of nationalities of this world are represented on this little rock. Larger groups of nationalities are UK residents. The majority of those lives in the Nord of Malta (St. Pauls Bay, Bugibba and Qawra). Also a lot of Germans are on the islands (Marsascala, Gozo, Mellieha and the East cost are the hot spots). Apart of those you can also find French, Spanish, Scandinavian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Americans and many more.

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4 Seasons on Malta

The climate on the small island in the Mediterranean Sea is unique. Midsummer (July and August), when the hot African “Sirocco” winds sweep a... more

Entering Malta with a Car

This information serves as a guideline for you. However, we do not accept any responsibility for its accuracy. We are unable to analyse each si... more

Entering Malta with a Pet

Strict requirements apply to animals entering Malta. The following information is meant to give you some overview of the requirements, but you ... more

Flats in Malta

There are a great number of real estate agents in Malta. They often have their offices right next to each other or in very close proximity. The... more

Heating, Electricity, Rubbish - Utilities

Below you can find an overview on the utilities on the Maltese Islands, that is heating, electricity and the sockets, as well as adapters, waste ma... more

Internet in Malta

Ever since Vodafone began pushing itself into the Maltese internet provider market with specials and cheap tariffs a few years ago, several pri... more

Maltese ID Card

It is possible for European citizens residing in Malta to apply for a Maltese ID card. The office for applications is situated in Valletta, close... more

Maltese Laws

As opposed to other European countries, the Catholic church still has a great influence on Malta’s legislation, especially with regard to the a... more

Opening a Bank Account

To open a bank account, you need an ID card or a passport, as well as proof of a valid address, which does not have to be in Malta. A citizen o... more

Permit / Entering Malta

Entry for EU and EEA Citizens

All you need to enter Malta is a valid passport or ID card. Children’s ID cards are a... more

Real Estate

Malta is a small island with a large population. Approximately 300,000 people live in an area of 316 km² (just Malta, without Gozo), which mak... more

Relocation from EU – Malta – EU

Relocation is always a protracted and strained affair, especially when moving to another country. In this case, it’s best to get professional... more

Schools and Education for Children of Immigrants

Parents can decide whether they want to send their child to a state, Christian or private school. The demand for Christian and private schools ... more

Supermarkets in Malta: Map and index

Please note that this index is still under construction. For that reason, it is possible that some supermarkets have not been listed yet. We hope... more

The Cost of Living

The cost of living is higher in Malta than in many other European countries. The reason is that more than 2/3 of all products in Malta have to be... more

Using Mobile Phones in Malta (Vodafone & GoMobile)

Previously, there were only two big mobile phone service providers in Malta, Vodafone and GoMobile. Both providers sell prepaid cards. The mobi... more

Water & Electricity

The Water Service Cooperation (WSC) and EneMalta are responsible for water and electricity in Malta.

The following website of the Water... more

Working in Malta

When it comes to working in Malta, the government distinguishes in general between citizens of EU and EEA states and citizens of Non-EU and EEA... more

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