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Entering Malta with a Car

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Entering Malta with a car

This information serves as a guideline for you. However, we do not accept any responsibility for its accuracy. We are unable to analyse each situation individually and there may be special regulations for your situation. You should contact the relevant institution to obtain the correct information:

Land Transport Directorate
Sa Maison Road
Floriana FRN 1612
Phone: +356 21 222203
Fax: +356 21255740
Email: info.tm@transport.gov.mt
Web: http://www.transport.gov.mt

After our research:

Important: No guarantee on the following information – please double check again for accuracy!

Vehicles may be imported to Malta without any special permission as long as they originate from the EU. You only need a green insurance card (this card is valid for the entire EU). On arrival, the vehicle’s licence plate will be registered for information purposes for the length of the stay on Malta. If you decide to stay longer than 3 months with your vehicle (you can extend again by 3 months), you will require permission from the licence department in Floriana (Block B, see contact details above). This can become very expensive.

However, students pay only ca. 6 Euros.

We have been told that the registration fee in Malta is only 100 Euros if the car has already been registered for a minimum of 2 years in your name.

After 3 months (or after 6 months in case of an extension) the following documents are required in order to apply for a licence at the licence department: ID card/passport, car registration certificate, insurance certificate as well as the ferry ticket to prove the time of entry.

In addition, the vehicle has to be inspected on site. Appointments can be arranged in advance by calling (00356) 2123 3029 (this is similar to the motor vehicle inspection in most other countries).

Note: Special checks for foreign licence plates take place regularly! If you are caught driving without the above mentioned licence after having been in Malta for 3 or 6 months and get caught, your vehicle may be confiscated.
If you want to import a foreign vehicle to Malta, the government will levy a registration tax (unless the vehicle has been registered in your name for at least two years). The amount of tax is determined by several criteria, such as the type of vehicle, the registration and type of the engine, etc. The Motor Vehicle Registration department of the Malta Transport Authority is in charge of this. A website will guide you through the registration process.

You can find more information on http://www.transport.gov.mt.

* All information is subject to change.

S. Wagner

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