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Heating, Electricity, Rubbish - Utilities

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Below you can find an overview on the utilities on the Maltese Islands, that is heating, electricity and the sockets, as well as adapters, waste management - collection of the waste and Maltas point on waste management in general.

Golden BayHeating in Malta

As mentioned earlier, the winter in Malta is short and temperatures do not drop too low. Therefore, it’s not worth investing in a heating system. However, temperatures can become uncomfortably cold sometimes (December-March), and so many Maltese keep warm using either gas or electric heaters.

Heating with gas is preferred, as it is cheaper. Electricity in Malta is expensive (the company EneMalta has the monopoly). Gas is delivered weekly in gas bottles by truck (which drives hooting through the streets), but gas bottles can also be collected directly from a local supplier.

As there are always different opinions on the prices of gas bottles, we kindly ask you to see the prices on EneMalta’s website as a guideline. Gas prices EneMalta [external link]. A gas bottle costs approximately 8 Euros without deposit according to unconfirmed reports of expats on Malta.

On average, a bottle easily lasts for one week, for use of heating a flat.

For exclusive use of cooking on a gas stove, a bottle lasts considerably longer – usually for several months.

Golden BayElectricity/Sockets in Malta

Malta uses the same three-prong plug as Great Britain. These might look a bit confusing at first, but they aren’t. Each socket has a safety switch with which you can regulate the electricity supply: On/Off. There are three holes, one on top in the middle and the other two below. The top hole servers as further protection. Its purpose is simply to cover the other two holes and to earth the socket.

Buy an Adapter

To use any other plug, you will need to buy an adapter. They can be purchased in most electronic shops and warehouses. The price for an adapter is ca. 4.50 Euros.

More information about electricity and water >>

Golden BayWaste Management

At long last, the rubbish is also being separated in Malta, i.e. glass, plastic, paper, etc. The big rubbish problem (see rubbish mountain near Bugibba – image) forced Malta to develop an integrated concept for waste management. The waste separation is being implemented incrementally for private households. The target value of the EU-packaging directive for Malta is a recycling rate of 55 % in 2013. Malta intends to achieve this by running awareness campaigns and using different types of renewable energy, all of which shall be supported financially.

Waste disposal in Malta is free.

The rubbish is collected daily.

Rubbish bins are rather rare. Usually the rubbish is placed in front of the entrance door or the pavement.

Waste separation is now implemented incrementally in Malta.

Waste disposal for the individual households on Malta is very simple and cheap. You can buy large rubbish bags in supermarkets or simply use a shopping bag as a rubbish bag. You only need to place it on the pavement and it will be gone by morning, at the very latest. Yes, the rubbish collection comes every day in Malta, even Sundays! Waste disposal in Malta is free.

Walking behind the truck, the waste collectors collect the rubbish bags and other rubbish every day and dump it inside the truck. The massive heaps of rubbish are one of the small island’s largest problems. As Malta does not have an incinerator, the government sells thousands of tons of its rubbish to other countries each year. Malta tries to teach its inhabitants about environmental awareness and waste separation. However, this is a challenging task for the small state, as the Maltese attitude is: “It all ends up in one big heap anyway!” Nonetheless, the government still puts considerable effort into getting on top of and improving the waste and dirt problem.

More information: http://www.wasteservmalta.com

* All information is subject to change.

S. Wagner

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