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Internet in Malta

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Internet in Malta

Ever since Vodafone began pushing itself into the Maltese internet provider market with specials and cheap tariffs a few years ago, several price drops in the competition have occurred. At the moment, three companies - GO, Melita and Vodafone, as well as their subsidiary companies – dominate the internet provider market. The originally Maltese company GO could establish itself again in the market after restructuring the company. GO now offers several options such as mobile phones, landlines, internet and multimedia TV.

MaltaCom, the former state company, was absorbed by GO.

Our tip: Watch out for special offers from the various providers.



Some of the above-mentioned provider also offers TV and telephone packages (landline).

You will find more information about this subject (TV and telephone packages) on the website of the following company: MelitaCable.com

Mobile Internet in Malta

Of course, the above-mentioned internet provider also offers mobile internet. You will find more information on their websites.

A new offer on the market from other European companies is internet deals for short stays in Malta with special tariffs. There are many different tariffs for different conditions. As they keep changing, we unfortunately cannot list them here. It’s best to ask your provider.

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