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Using Mobile Phones in Malta (Vodafone & GoMobile)

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Previously, there were only two big mobile phone service providers in Malta, Vodafone and GoMobile. Both providers sell prepaid cards. The mobile number consists of eight digits, and for calls from abroad, you only need to add the country code (+356) in front of the number. For visitors, it’s best to buy prepaid cards, which can be purchased at souvenir shops and many small shops.

The TopUp cards, which recharge your airtime, can be purchased at supermarkets, petrol stations, souvenir shops, shopping malls, Vodafone shops and many other shops in Malta. Most shops that sell airtime have a Vodafone or GoMobile sign in their windows or in front of the shop. TopUp cards can be purchased for 5, 10, 20 or 50 Euros. There are 16 concealed digits on the TopUp card, which you will have to reveal. Then phone the service number on the TopUp card and follow the instructions, which will eventually ask you to enter the 16-digit code, after which your airtime recharges.

Telephone costs in Malta are fairly high. A call to the same provider or a landline costs 0.16 Euros. A message costs an average of 0.05 Euros. These prices are just an indication, as the prices vary greatly. But students are often given a discount for prepaid cards.

In the past few years, the Maltese mobile communication market has changed considerably. Firstly, several new providers such as Melita, PING, Redtouch and VFC have pushed themselves onto the market that was previously split between two providers. The types of contract have also changed. Just like in other countries, a new generation of smartphone has established itself in Malta. Consequently, most providers now offer long-term contracts that include internet access.

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