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Working in Malta

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Working in Malta

When it comes to working in Malta, the government distinguishes in general between citizens of EU and EEA states and citizens of Non-EU and EEA states. Furthermore, a special regulation protects the islands and their inhabitants from too many immigrants. Malta is a rather small country, thus the scope of immigration is also relatively small. Twenty thousand immigrants is a relatively small number for most countries in the EU, but for Malta, this number is fairly high.


Since Malta’s accession to the EU, citizens of EU member states as well as citizens of Switzerland and the EEA-states (European Economic Area) may look for and carry out work in Malta without a work permit. Only when employing Non-EU citizens, will the employer have to apply for an Employment Licence at the Maltese employment agency, the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC). Temporary regulations for EU citizens, implemented upon Malta joining the EU, have already ended. As such, employees from other EU member countries and the Maltese are treated equally on the job market.

By now, many companies from EU-countries have relocated to the Maltese islands, especially with regard to the internet sector.

Special regulation in case of too many immigrants

The Maltese government reserves the right to officially stop immigration, but only if an unmanageable number of EU jobseekers wishes to immigrate. At the moment, however, no such regulations are in effect, and their implementation is highly unlikely anytime soon.

More information about working in Malta

You can find more information on the current situation at ETC.gov.mt (Living and Working in Malta).

Official ETC website: www.etc.gov.mt

Tip: You can also find job offers on their website.

Citizens from Third Countries (outside the EU)

For citizens from Non-EU states, their potential employers in Malta have to apply for an Employment License at the ETC. The application has to be made for the employer, not the jobseeker.

You will find the latest updates to the Employment License on the ETC website: http://etc.gov.mt/etc-portal/page/3/ELU-Guidelines.aspx

S. Wagner

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