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In this section you can find general information about Malta: Local councils in Malta, Maltese Lifestyle, Opening hours, Economy, and similar topics.

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Climate in Malta

The climate on the small island in the Mediterranean Sea is unique. Midsummer (July and August), when the hot African “Sirocco” winds sweep a... more


In 2012, Malta’s economy grew by 1.2 % (in 2011 by 2.1 % and in 2010 by 2.5 %).

Malta has a very open-market economy in import and expo... more

Gozo and Odysseus

An important part of this island’s history is the legend of Odysseus. It says that the nymph who cast a spell over Odysseus lived on Gozo. He l... more

Local Councils

Malta has been divided into 68 local councils since 1993. There are no intermediate levels of government between the councils and the national gove... more

Malta Tourism Authority (MTA)

The Malta Tourism Authority is a department of the government that not only encourages tourism in Malta but also brings private operators and pol... more

Maltese Lifestyle

Colourful, cheerful and a little bit fancy - that is how the island of Malta presents itself to its visitors. The inhabitants of the South European... more

Public holidays

The Maltese love to celebrate their public holidays excessively. There is a big festival on the island each month, which puts the entire populati... more

Siesta & Business Hours

The term ‘siesta’ originates from Latin (“sexta hora”, the sixth hour of the day; the twelfth hour, according to modern time counting). It ... more

Useful Information

Business hours in Malta are similar to those of other Mediterranean countries. From July to September, most shops and government offices, such ... more

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