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Gozo and Odysseus

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An important part of this island’s history is the legend of Odysseus. It says that the nymph who cast a spell over Odysseus lived on Gozo. He landed on this island because of her and was captured here for seven years. Once he came to his senses again after all those years, he returned to his wife, Penelopez.

There is no evidence that the island Odysseus landed on really was Gozo, but the assumption is not entirely erroneous.

In Homers story, the island is called Ogygia; however, this island no longer exists and yet Gozo fits the description of this island closely.

In the North of Gozo is a cave with a15-metre roof. The nymph who cast a spell over Odysseus supposedly lived there. It is a popular attraction for tourists as it offers a magnificent view of the beach and the sea.

Whether this myth is true or not, is anyone’s guess. Nonetheless, Gozo has a mysticism that has always fascinated visitors.

The Gozo lifestyle is clearly recognisable, as vegetable and vineyard cultivation, as well as the typical goat’s cheese, have always been part of Gozo’s history and can still be found today.

S. Wagner

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