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Business hours in Malta are similar to those of other Mediterranean countries. From July to September, most shops and government offices, such as the post office, are open only from 8 am to 1 pm. In winter, they are open from 8 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm. Supermarkets and popular tourist shops are normally open from 7 am to 7 pm. Some shops in busy areas such as Bay Street in Paceville are even open until 10 pm or later. In Valletta, however, every business closes its doors at 7 pm.

Useful phone numbers:

Police: 191
Emergency number: 112
Emergency rescue with a helicopter: 21244371
Emergency rescue with a boat: 21238797
Ambulance: 196
Fire Department: 199
Local Warden: 21320202
Hospital in Gozo 21561600
Hospital in Malta: 21241251

Other Phone Numbers:

Time service: 195
Customer protection: 21250221
Flight service: 21249600
Government information hotline: 153
Gozo Channel Co. Ltd: 21556114
Weather forecast service: 50043848

*All information is subject to change.

Different country, different mentality

Tranquillity is the key to a happy stay in Malta. There is no such thing as ‘hectic’ in this country. Please don’t get upset when the cashier is having a chat with a customer. Should you be in a rush, however, just say so politely and you will be considered. More about the Maltese Lifestyle >>

The Maltese are friendly people.

Sometimes you could even say they are friendly to a fault. If you ask for something that seems trifling, they might overextend themselves to help you. We were told by a tourist that once, when he got lost and asked a Maltese for directions, this man not only explained the way but actually took him there as well! So, please don’t hesitate to ask, as the Maltese are very helpful. More about the Maltese Lifestyle >>

Driving a Car

In Malta, everyone drives on the left, just like in Britain. This means as well that the drivers seat is on the right, as opposed to what most other Europeans are used to. More about Driving a car in Malta >>
More about importing a car >>

Prices in Restaurants

The average price for a meal for one person is about 14 Euros in a normal restaurant. For a small soft drink, you’ll normally pay 2.20 Euros. The size of a small soft drink is, however, as big as a large soft drink in some other European countries. For a large soft drink (0.5 litres), you’ll pay 3.10 Euros.
More about the prices in Malta >>


Since 2008, the official currency has been Euros. Until then, the official currency was the Maltese Pound (LM).
You had Lm 20, Lm10, Lm5 and Lm 2 notes as well as Lm1, 50c, 25c, 10c, 5c, 2c and 1 c coins.

Spoken Languages

The official language is Maltese, but almost everyone in Malta is fluent in English and many also speak Italian. More about English Language Schools in Malta >>

Riding a bus

A bus only stops when you signal the driver with your hand. It is important to have small change on you to buy a ticket, as larger notes are often not accepted. There are certain rules of etiquette to follow, such as not entering the bus in your swimming costume; in such a case, the driver might deny you entry to the bus. More about Riding a bus in Malta >>

Taking a taxi

There are two types of taxi in Malta. The white taxis may pick up passengers from anywhere in the streets, whereas black taxis have to be called telephonically, and are less expensive than the white ones. Before the ride, you should agree on a fixed fare. More about taxis in Malta >>

Maltese Lifestyle

The Maltese are very open and friendly people; they are free of prejudice and treat everyone, regardless of their nationality, with the same respect. More about the Maltese Lifestyle >>

Tap water

Tap water is NOT meant for human consumption!


The Maltese are a very religious people. They have, for example, 365 churches all over Malta - one for each day of the year!


230v - 50 Hertz
More about Electricity in Malta >>


Banks are normally open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and on Saturdays until 11 am. ATMs and exchange bureaus can be found throughout the islands. More about banks and bank accounts in Malta >>

Credit cards

Most hotels, restaurants and shop owners accept American Express, Carte Blanche, Diners Club International, Master Card and Visa.

Opening hours of restaurants, bars and cafés

Normally from 9 am to 1 am the following day. Many bars are open until the small hours of the morning. More about siesta and opening hours in Malta >>

Food and Beverages

We strongly advise that you put all food back into the fridge once you are done. This applies not only to meat, milk and eggs, but also to bread, fruit, vegetables and any other groceries that are not dried. Due to the high humidity, groceries get mouldy very quickly! More about the Maltese Cuisine >>

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