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Maltese Lifestyle

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Maltese Lifestyle

Colourful, cheerful and a little bit fancy - that is how the island of Malta presents itself to its visitors. The inhabitants of the South European island state enjoy a very special quality of life. Frenzy and stress are unknown; they live the Mediterranean lifestyle. Traditionally, shops are closed during the siesta around lunchtime, although continuous business hours are being implemented more and more in the popular tourist destinations.

The Maltese people might appear disorganised, but there is a structure behind their entire daily routine. Although the inhabitants of the three islands of Gozo, Gomino and Malta, that form the Republic of Malta, are almost 100 % Catholic, they like to celebrate exuberantly. Many public holidays and festivals are devoted to various saints, who are honoured by traditional processions. Music is played everywhere and festive parades take place. Most celebrations have a religious origin; however, they are not celebrated in a very pious or tranquil way. The Maltese are way too buoyant for this and love to show their cheerful spirit in exuberant dances and bright fireworks. The originally Christian celebrations are celebrated as fairs. Traders offer typical Maltese products and specialities in small stalls along the road.

The Maltese are very sociable people who love to go to bars and restaurants with their friends and family. Thanks to their open, friendly and pleasant character, they socialise easily. Nonetheless, the Maltese have a rather conservative attitude to life, similar to that of British people. Their Catholic education results in some taboos on the islands that tourists should respect. Nude bathing on a public beach is such an example.

Malta is a different world and the inhabitants are open, helpful, hospitable; for that reason they are particularly likeable. They radiate tranquillity and poise, but can be equally temperamental.

Most inhabitants of the Republic of Malta own property and can live comfortably off their income.

If you want to get to know the country and its people better, it’s recommended that you take a ride in one of the few remaining yellow old-timer buses, left over from the years 1955 to 1975 (Note: Unfortunately, most of the buses have been discarded by now and have been replaced with later models.). A ride with such a bus is exciting, charming and very cheap; it costs only a few Euro. There is one bus station located close to Valletta, which serves as the central starting point for all bus lines.

As the bus drivers are also Catholic, they have images or figures of Jesus or saints (preferably St. Christopherus, saint of travellers) everywhere in the bus, which are supposed to protect them from all possible evil (Note: Unfortunately, this is not as common in the more modern buses.). As the island of Malta is not particularly large, the longest bus ride takes about 45 minutes. The bus is a great opportunity to meet Maltese inhabitants and learn a lot about their attitude and about the Maltese lifestyle.

The balanced mix of exuberant Mediterranean lifestyle and British-conservative attitude make Maltese people very unique. Tourists appreciate the hospitality and cordiality of the friendly inhabitants and respect their customs and routines.

Heike Stopp

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