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Saluting Battery in Valletta on Malta

When visiting Malta, take your time to make sure you see all the country’s beautiful highlights. Since the first inhabitants came to the island 7000 years ago, many fascinating artefacts have accumulated there. In the last century, Malta was strongly influenced by the colonial rule of the British, but you will also find historical traces of other colonial powers such as the Phoenicians, Romans, Christians, Arabs, Normans, Order of St John and the French.

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Birżebbuġa (City Guide)

Even though most of Birżebbuġa’s historical attractions have either collapsed, or are too old to visit, there are still a few that are worth ... more

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is situated near the town of Wied iz-Zurrieq, in the southwest of Malta. Its best to explore it using one of the available boat tri... more

Cart Ruts in Malta

Prehistoric cuts in the limestone that look like cart ruts can be found all over Malta, particularly along the south coast, near the Dingli Cliffs ... more

Classic Car Collection

In Buġibba, you will find Malta’s only motor museum, the Malta Classic Car Collection.

This museum displays a large range of selecte... more


With a total area of about 3 km², Comino is the smallest of the inhabited islands of the republic and lies between Malta and Gozo in the strait ... more

Dingli Cliffs

There is a path along the Dingli Cliffs that is ideal for a stroll. There is no railing, but as the path isn’t too close to the edge, normal prec... more

Fort St. Angelo

At the tip of the headland is Fort St Angelo, which is most likely the oldest fortified place in Vittoriosa. It was first mentioned in documents ... more

Ghar Dalam

In the valley of Dalam, just outside Birżebbuġa, is the cave of Ghar Dalam, which also contains a museum. It is a 144 metre-long, natural karst... more

Ghar Hasan

Note: A reader informed us that the area was fenced off after a rock collapse. Entering the area is prohibited and thus it looks rather ne... more

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is situated in the northwest part of the island. The beach is somewhat difficult to reach, since it lies quite remote. However it is wor... more


Compared to Malta, Gozo has a lot more vegetation and for that reason, it is often referred to as "the green island". The beautiful flora exists ... more

Grand Harbour

The Grand Harbour is Malta’s largest and most important harbour. It is in fact the largest harbour in the entire Mediterranean region and one of ... more

Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temple

Near the village of Qrendi are the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples. The temple complexes were built in two phases around 3500 BC and 2700 BC. Various... more


The hypogeum is a subterranean cave system near the small village of Hal Saflieni, near Paola. Workers discovered the facility by accident in 1902,... more

In Guardia

Historic military parade

Location: Fort St. Elmo, Valletta
Date and time: The performance usual... more

Marsaskala (City Guide)

Marsaskala is a small village in the fjord-like Marsaskala Bay, on the southeast of Malta.

Even though there are only a few attraction... more


Marsaxlokk is the most well known fishing village in the south of Malta. It is located in the middle of a bay framed by the two headlands, Delimar... more

Marsaxlokk (City Guide)

This town has a beautiful bay with the traditional and colourful Dghajjes and Luzzu boats bobbing up and down on the water. The towns main attrac... more

Mdina and Rabat (City Guide)

The entire city of Mdina is worth visiting. It is honeycombed with many narrow streets and has a huge city wall with three gates, a stunning cath... more

Multi vision shows

In Malta, multi vision shows are known as experience shows. In these shows, a topic is explored in a movie, with a headset system for viewers t... more

Noonday Gun

Every day at noon, a shot from the Noonday Gun is performed by the saluting battery.

Location: Upper Barakka Garden, Vall... more

St Peters and Pauls Cathedral

The most beautiful and magnificent building in Mdina is St Paul’s Cathedral, on Pjazza San Pawl (St Paul’s place). Inside an... more

Temples of Tarxien

The most popular temples of Malta are the Tarxien temples, in the small southeastern village of Tarxien. They were discovered by chance in 1916, ... more

The Azure Window

The Azure Window is a natural rock formation situated in the sea, west of Gozo. It is so named because it looks like a door or window. The surrou... more

The Knights of Malta 1565

An incredible evening full of action, history and romance! ‘The Knights of Malta 1565’ is a musical about the Great Siege of 1565. The story ... more

Valletta (City Guide)

Malta’s capital, Valletta, was the first European city to be completely planned in advance and it was built in only ten years! The city, which ... more

Victoria (Rabat)

Victoria (Rabat) is the capital of Gozo. It received its name from the British commander of the island, Otto Bayer, who named the town (known until... more

Victorian Garrison

The Victorian Garrison is an interactive performance, where guides dressed as soldiers from the 19th century walk tourists through the fortificat... more

Vittoriosa (Birgu) (City Guide)

Vittoriosa is a city with an incredibly historic, cultural and modern atmosphere, and is full of interesting attractions. The layout of the city ... more

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