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With a total area of about 3 km², Comino is the smallest of the inhabited islands of the republic and lies between Malta and Gozo in the strait of Il Fliegu. The island is a rock plateau with a consistently steep coast that is dotted with numerous caves.

In total, only four people live there permanently, but during high season, the hotel with 95 rooms and two private beaches, the holiday village with 46 bungalows and the public camping ground offer accommodation for visitors. The hotel offers a ferry service from Mġarr (Gozo) and Ċirkewwa (Malta) to the island. There is also a police station, a small church, the Santa Marija watchtower (which includes a gun battery), a former quarantine station, a graveyard and a disused pig farm.


The 12 m Santa Marija Tower was built on the southeast end of the island in 1618 by the Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt, as a defence against pirates and possible invasions. In 2002, the tower was renovated, and now serves as a viewing tower overlooking the island and the Blue Lagoon.

The second highlight is the Santa Marija Gun Battery, a defence work with several historical cannons, that is open to visitors at all times.

The famous Blue Lagoon lies between Comino and the Cominotto reef in the west. In the 120 m-wide passage, the water is crystal clear and shines in numerous shades of turquoise.


Apart from birds, you will find only a few animal species on the island - and the flora is also rather meagre. Barely any plants grow there except for some small Jerusalem pines, oleanders, agaves and prickly pears. But after a rainy winter, the ground becomes covered in thyme, heather and other rough grass species.


Findings show that Comino has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The island’s name is derived from the Maltese word “Kemmuna” (cumin), a spice that was grown there in the Middle Ages. At that time, pirates used the many caves along the coastline as hiding places, but at the beginning of the 17th century, the knights of the Order of St John chased them out and built the Santa Marija Tower. The Santa Marija Gun Battery was also built as a defence structure and, at times, was equipped with up to eighteen cannons. The island also served as a prison. When the British occupied Malta in 1814, they started a quarantine station for sailors there.

The Blue Lagoon

The most spectacular attraction of the island is the Blue Lagoon. Every year, thousands of tourists come to the 120 m-wide passage between Comino and the Cominotto reef, west of the island. Whether standing on the elevated beach or looking from a boat, visitors can enjoy the stunningly beautiful natural spectacle of the lagoon’s crystal clear water, which shimmers in countless shades of turquoise and aquamarine.

You can only reach the Blue Lagoon by boat. Services from Ċirkewwa (Malta) and Mġarr (Gozo) go there several times a day.

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Guided tour: We strongly recommend that you book a tour to visit the islands of Comino. It is not very expensive and you get a full service (including transfer from your hotel in Malta and back, the boat trip, as well as drinks, food, a toilet on board and internet access through the boat). Here you can book a tour to Comino and The Blue Lagoon, as well as Gozo.

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