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Ghar Hasan

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Note: A reader informed us that the area was fenced off after a rock collapse. Entering the area is prohibited and thus it looks rather neglected now. (Thank you to Peter H.)

Ghar Hasan is a natural cave that was formed by the sea 70 metres above sea level. From the cave, you can enjoy a stunning view though the naturally formed window. The name “Cave of the Hassans” is derived from the legend of a Saracen who is said to have lived there with a Maltese woman in the 11th century, after Malta had been conquered by the Christians. When the Christian soldiers were on their way to find them, he and his lover apparently threw themselves from the cliffs into the sea.

Location and directions: The cave is located about 2 - 3 km south of Birżebbuġa. Its best to drive there yourself, as the bus will only take you to Hal-Far or Kalafrana. In both cases, you will still need to walk for quite some time to reach the cave.

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Region: Birzebbuga
Category: Nature

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