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The island of Gozo.

Compared to Malta, Gozo has a lot more vegetation and for that reason, it is often referred to as "the green island". The beautiful flora exists because Gozo, unlike Malta, has ground water reserves.

Gozo and its inhabitants

There are many differences between the two islands, including the people. If you have met the Maltese, you have to get to know the Gozitans.

If you think the Maltese are relaxed, you havent met someone from Gozo yet, and if you think the Maltese are proud of their island, just wait until you talk to a Gozitan.

The inhabitants of Gozo have managed to preserve their traditional lifestyle. They farm the fertile soil and are masters in catching fish. The Gozitans are very calm people and this tranquillity pervades the entire island.

Please don’t misinterpret ‘tranquillity’ as ‘silence’; by ‘tranquillity’, we simply mean the relaxed atmosphere, in which everyday life takes place. The island is not necessarily always quiet: one of the most popular clubs in the Mediterranean region can be found on Gozo! You find more about this in the nightlife section.

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