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Marsaskala (City Guide)

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Marsaskala in Malta

Marsaskala is a small village in the fjord-like Marsaskala Bay, on the southeast of Malta.

Even though there are only a few attractions here, they are still worth visiting, especially if you are interested in military history.

St Thomas Tower

The Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt had St Thomas Tower built in 1615. The watchtowers purpose was to guard the entrance of the two bays of Marsaskala and St Thomas, and to watch the entire coastline. From the towers roof, signals to other towers all the way to the Grand Harbour could be sent easily. During the island’s occupation by the British, the tower was still used to guard and defend this area.

Mamo Tower

This tower was built privately and is one of the most intriguing small fortifications ever built on Malta. It was built in the shape of the St Andrew’s cross, and the construction of the interior is equally unique. The trench around the tower was cut into the stone and during the process, a grave from the 3rd century BC was discovered. The tower has been recently renovated.

St Anne’s Parish Church

Walking along the promenade, you will reach the main church. The building is fairly modern and was erected to honour St Anne, who is also honoured with a feast in July. In 1949, the village was appointed as a municipality, and as it grew, they needed a bigger church as well. Construction of the church, combining gothic and contemporary elements, began on 9 August 1953.

Zonqor Battery

Even though the Order of St John had built a series of batteries (defence fortifications) along the coastline, the British saw them as outdated when they reigned over the island. Zonqor Battery is one of the newer batteries, and is equipped with modern artillery. It was built in 1886 and was intended to guard the bay of Marsaskala. The heavy armoury was dismantled before World War II and now serves an agricultural purpose.

Cliffs of St Thomas Bay

South of Marsaskala lies St Thomas Bay. The bay is wider, nearer the sea and doesn’t reach as far inland as Marsaskala Bay does. There are a few sunbathing spots, but they are all rather stony, as there are no sand beaches (except for one tiny beach). The bay is partly surrounded by cliffs, some of which are 10 metres high. As there are no railings on these cliffs, you can reach the edge, but you should exercise caution, especially if you are up there with children. There is also a kiosk at St Thomas Bay.

Marsaskala Bay

Marsaskala Bay reaches deep into the coastline. The entire bay is surrounded by a pretty promenade that invites visitors for a leisurely stroll with beautiful views of the sea. In the water, you will see numerous small boats, including traditional Maltese boats painted in green, yellow, blue and brown. In the other direction, you can see St Anne’s Parish Church from almost any point along the promenade. On the western side of the bay, you ll find many comfortable cafés in the street Triq ix-Xatt, and in the southern part several restaurants and bistros. There are also some spots for swimming and sunbathing, but no sand beaches.

Old Saltworks

East of the town, directly by the sea, are the old saltworks, used to harvest salt. They were used until the World War II and are still in pristine condition. They are in the street Triq is-Salini and can be seen from the promenade.

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