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Marsaxlokk (City Guide)

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Marsaxlokk (City Guide)

This town has a beautiful bay with the traditional and colourful Dghajjes and Luzzu boats bobbing up and down on the water. The towns main attraction is undisputedly the market. Another attraction is the charming church in the centre of town, close to the bay. South of Marsaxlokk lies the Fort St. Lucian, and in the northeast are the old church of Tas Silg and the Tas Silg temple.

(Fish)market in Marsaxlokk(Fish)market

Daily from 9 am to 4 pm is a market in Marsaxlokk. During the week, it is rather small, with only a few stallholders and customers. At the weekends, however, it extends along the entire promenade. The market becomes packed with people on a Sunday, so this is not the best day to go if you are slightly claustrophobic. Everything from small household appliances, clothes, jewellery, accessories, handbags, shoes, souvenirs, to fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, and of course, fish is sold at the market. If you would like to buy any fish or seafood, make sure you get there early, as the fishmongers have sold all their goods by 12 pm.

Church and city centreChurch and city centre

In the centre of Marsaxlokk, is the charming church of Our Lady of Pompeii, with its two towers that face the sea. Between the two towers is a statue of Mary standing in a boat. The centre of the town is a village square, which is framed by the church, an old telephone booth, half-timbered houses, and restaurants. Directly opposite is the harbour, where the daily market begins. On a hot day, it’s best to take in the picturesque atmosphere while quenching your thirst with a cool drink in a café on the village square.

The Bay of MarsaxlokkThe Bay of Marsaxlokk

The beautiful bay is full of traditional and colourful Dghajjes and Luzzu boats bobbing up and down on the water. Marsaxlokk is Malta’s most well known fishing village and has its largest fishing fleet. To best savour the unique harbour idyll, have a drink or a meal at one of the cosy restaurants along the promenade and watch the Maltese fisherman pursuing their daily activities - fixing their nets or preparing their boats.

Fort St LucianFort St Lucian

Fort St Lucian stands on a hill south of Marsaxlokk. It was built in 1610 by the knights of the Order of St John, and soon after its construction, it was used to fend off a landing attempt by Turk pirates. Today, it accommodates a marine biological institute and is not open to the public.

Tas SilgTas Silg

Tas Silg is the name of a temple complex, a Christian church located on a small hill east of Marsaxlokk, and the nearby village. The church is dedicated to the Madonna of Snow. (Even though, it never snows in Malta, the Maltese word silg is used to describe snow, as well as frost and hail.) Tas Silg is a multi-period sanctuary site, reconstructing history as follows:

V. 900-1100 AD Arab settlement
IV. 400-600 AD: Byzantine church
III: 200 BC . 300 AD: Roman sanctuary dedicated to Hera/Juno.
II. 700 – 200 BC: Punic temple of the Astate
I. 3300 – 3000 BC: Megalith temple from the Tarxien phase

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