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Chongqing (

Chongqing is a mega city in China, but differs very much from other cities. If you have already visited some other cities in China you will see that Chongqing is not alike those. The city’s biggest differences are the mountains which stretch all through and around the town. That is also the reason why it is often referred as the Mountain City. There are two rivers, Jialing and Yangtze, which are directly flowing through the core of the town, leaving a peninsula in the centre. The Chongqing people speak a special dialect, the Chongqing Hua, and like to eat spicy food, as the famous hot pot 火锅.

We recommend Chongqing!


Malta (

Malta is a small island with a surprisingly high number of interesting places to visit. Some cities, such as the former capital of Mdina or the new capital of Valletta, could be seen as giant museums, because there you will see parts of Malta as they existed 100 years ago. However, it’s not only the historic legacy that will make your visit worthwhile, but also the beautiful landscape, the numerous leisure facilities, the incredibly stunning bays and beaches, the museums and, of course, the people. Another advantage is that all the interesting sites are only a stone’s throw away from each other. With our pictures, words and videos, we hope to bring the three islands’ beauty closer to you.

Should you decided to visit the islands, we wish you a wonderful and exciting stay!

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